Stephen Troese Jr Talks about Golf

About Stephen Troese Jr.

If you could describe Stephen Troese Jr in a sentence that sentence would probably have the word “golf” in there somewhere. When he is not in the boardroom, Stephen Troese can often be found on the links. He is an avid golfer who is constantly working on improving his game.


As a former college athlete, Stephen Troese Jr brings his competitive spirit to the tee where he is always looking to lower his handicap. Over the years, he has seen it all, so he is a good resource for everything golf. For the purposes of this post, he will discuss coming back after a long break.

Golfing after a Long Break


We’re currently in the beginning weeks of spring. For Stephen Troese Jr, the arrest of one’s game over the colder, winter months can be difficult. Troese understands this. As a resident of the D.C. metropolitan area, he knows that January is not a good time to head to the golf course.


If you are coming back to the game from a seasonal respite or because of an injury, please know that it will take time to get back to your prime self. Luckily, there are some things to consider to make sure you don’t stress out and you get back to form sooner.


First and foremost, you should get your clubs ready for golf. This means having them regripped or testing them out to make sure they don’t need to be replaced.  Second, get out there and play. You’ll undoubtedly have some rust, but the best way to shake some of that off is to get out there and play. Finally, consider getting a training session or two so a Pro can assess your swing and provide you with tips that will improve your game.


Also, remember that golf is a game and is meant to be fun. You might have a slice here or there or spend some time on the beach, but it’s all in good fun. This blog will focus on many tips and issues concerning golf. We hope you come back as the golf season is ahead.