Tips on How to Get Back into Golf Shape

Have you noticed a paunch developing and are looking for a way to get rid of it before you get back to the links? Stephen Troese Jr is here to help. Stephen Troese is an avid golfer who plays on courses all across the Washington D.C. area. People often underestimate how much energy it takes to golf. Even if you ride a cart, there is still a lot of walking. You need strength and flexibility to drive a ball, and you certainly don’t want a big belly to get in your way.

If you put on a few pounds over the winter and are now looking to get back into cart shape, Stephen Troese has a few tips for you to consider. By summer, you could have the mobility and stability you need to play your best golf.

It All Starts with What You Put on Your Plate: Weight loss is ninety percent diet/ten percent fitness. Consider the fact that the average male burns about 500 hundred calories an hour jogging. You could easily negate that run with a burger from McDonald’s. Work on putting good things on your plate, and you should see the pounds drop.

Start Working on Your Flexibility with a Few Exercises: There are a few exercises you can try at home that will help you with your swing and overall flexibility and mobility. One is the 90-90 Knee Drop. Another is the Shoulder Wall Slide. The Medicine Ball Lift and Slide Plank may also help your stability.

Go Out for a Jog: May is a great time to start a running program. You won’t only lose a few pounds, but you’ll also build up your cardiovascular health. If you’re new to running, please do a Google search to find articles that may provide you with recommendations. You can also download apps that provide running programs too.