How to Stay in Golf Shape in the Winter


Are you antsy to be get back on the golf course and hit 18 with your friends and colleagues? Stephen Troese Jr. is right there with you. Stephen Troese Jr. is an avid golfer, and he would be the first to tell you that the cold weather is terrible for his golf game.

Stephen Troese Jr. lives in the Mid-Atlantic, and this has not been a good season for golf so far. Ever so often, the weather in previous years’ winters would sometime creep up enough to the point where he could sneak in a round in January or February. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year as there have record lows and some horrible winter weather all around.

If you live in an area where Jack Frost has made his presence known, you might be wondering how you can keep up with your golf game so you’re not stuck spending the first month of spring shaking off all the rust. If you’re in such a predicament, Stephen Troese Jr. offers the following advice:

Practice Your Swing Indoors: Did you know there are plenty of simulators out there that will simulate various situations and measure your swing? Your own golf club may have one, and if it does, Stephen Troese Jr. says you definitely try it out. Golf simulators often include play on some of the best courses in the world, so if you can’t make it to Pebble Beach, you might not need to.

Get Your Cardio and Lifting In: Now is not the time to hang back and rest for the entire year. Your muscles will atrophy and your cardiovascular performance will suffer. Instead, Stephen Troese Jr. says you should be at the gym or performing other exercises to make sure your body is ready for a packed golf season during the winter months. Concentrate on your legs and hips as these are the backbone of any golfer’s swing.

Read, Read, and Read Some More: Finally, Stephen Troese Jr. says you should take the colder weather as an excuse to get in your reading. There are a number of great books out there that will help you fine tune your swing and get you mentally ready. Take some time this winter to check them out.