Tips for Finding a Good Golf Instructor



As you most likely know if you have met Stephen Troese, he is very passionate about golf. While he’s not going to be playing the Master’s anytime soon, he does enjoy a quick 18 from time to time. Golf is not a forgiving sport. If you don’t put in the time and treat yourself right, you are going to spend more time in the sand than you want. However, there are a few ways to up your golf game faster, and one of those ways is by hiring a golf instructor. A golf instructor can assess your form and game and provide you with tips to get better fast.

Of course, there are some golf instructors that are better than others, so Stephen Troese Jr says you should take some time to pick the right one for you. He has worked with a few golf instructors in his time, and he will be the first to say that several didn’t click, and it ended up costing him valuable time and money. If you are looking for a golf instructor, here are a few tips from Stephen on what you can do to improve your chances of finding one that will help your golf game:

Look for an instructor that is accredited: While there are good teachers of golf that aren’t accredited, accreditation at least provides you with the peace of mind that the instructor knows what they are doing and are dedicated to being an instructor because being accredited does take effort. Make sure the instructor is accredited with the PGA and/or LPGA before you agree to hire them.

Does the Instructor Used Modern Forms of Technology? This is another thing to consider when you choose an instructor. Some instructors are really old school and will provide you with notes and little else. Others will provide you with video, ball flight monitoring, and other modern forms of technology you can use to assess your swing.

Do You Click with Your Instructor? Personality matters when choosing a golf instructor. If you and your instructor don’t get along, chances are the professional relationship is not going to work. As you interview potential instructors,  get a feel for how they interact with you to see if it clicks with your own personality.